Preventing a DUI

It is very clear of the dangers of drinking and driving, and there are countless advertising campaigns committed to educating the public on such problems.  Each year, a new group of college graduates begin their journey in the workforce, and often, with a celebration that lasts, in many cases, for weeks.  Unfortunately, those graduation parties often include alcohol, and they put many recent grads behind the wheel of a vehicle after an afternoon or evening filled with beers, wine, vodka, or shots.  This is one of the most prominent reasons that drunk driving enforcement, and DUI checkpoints seem to be much more popular at this time of the year compared to all others.

The major holidays are when you expect to see drunk driving defense and major DUI checkpoints set up around the country.  The major drinking holidays are New Years Day, Labor Day, St. Patty’s Day, and of course, Memorial Day.  Any holiday that involves a day off of work or a long weekend, tend to be big party days.  In Wisconsin, the 4th of July creates one of the biggest opportunities for a DUI lawyer to pick up a new list of potential clients.  In Maryland, one of the most significant holidays is Memorial Day and law enforcement efforts double in the area on St. Patty’s Day according to one Scottsdale DUI attorney.  However, the time of year, or the events that seem to put the most impaired drivers on the road, is the graduation season, often between the middle of May, until the second week of June each year.  Colleges, as well as high school, tend to have this ceremony during this time, and graduation parties follow for days, and often weeks to come.

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One of the reasons that recent college graduates get stuck driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is because they are not used to living farther away from their friends and needing to provide themselves with a safe way to get home at the end of the night. In college, a lot of parties are held at apartments within walking distance, and there are usually a fair number of bars that students can get to without driving. The proximity of many friends, as well as famous restaurants, is great for colleges because it provides people who are new at drinking with safer distances to where they live. Unfortunately, when these somewhat inexperienced alcohol consumers get out of college and live farther away from friends and bars, they are not used to thinking about how they will get home or whether or not they need a designated driver. Because they are not used to drinking spots that are not within walking distance, many recent grads get charged with DUIs and require legal assistance from a lawyer who specialized in DUI criminal defense.  

There are some amazing colleges in Arizona, and many of the graduates of those schools end up living in Scottsdale, Tempe, or the Phoenix area. Because of the number of recent grads in the AZ area as well as the high number of recent grads who end up behind the wheel while drunk, police tend to crack down on drunk driving during the months after college graduations, keeping the roads a bit safer, and Milwaukee drunk driving lawyers just a little busier.