How to find a great DUI lawyer in DC

Drunk driving accidents have increased in numbers over the years. The consequences for a DUI in DC are often life-changing and severe. If you are being accused of breaking the DUI law, it is important to find a lawyer that specializes in the area to help you with your DUI case. Lawyers that specialize in DUIs can be found online, through friends or family, and you can also use a family lawyer to refer you to a good DUI lawyer. – Go here for a great DC DUI lawyer

When picking a DC DUI lawyer is important to list and rank your key criteria so you can focus on what you want. You should start by limiting your focus within specific geographical areas and also those who specialize in DUIs only. If the list produces more than 10 candidates, then you should filter your list with a third criteria, such as experience, reputation, or even a budget constraint. This will eventually get your final choices to about five DUI lawyers or less.

driving a carAfter you narrow your list, try to search the Internet to find information and background for the lawyers on your list. Is important to find their web pages and read their profile, especially to see if they are in a good financial position and what their level of competitive business is compared to other competitors in the DUI specialization. It is also a good idea to see how many DUI cases the company has handled before this incident and what their success rates are. Make a chart for each of the DUI lawyers on your list so you can easily see the strengths of each by assessing their level of legal competency, and deciding how good they are at defending their clients against a DUI charges in the district.

Once you have made charts assessing their limits, it is important to contact each lawyer and arrange a meeting or interview so you can ask them questions in person. If there are any lawyers who are hesitant to set up an interview, or claim to be very tied up, or are currently booked, you are advised to eliminate this DUI lawyer off of your list.

Last but not least, it is important to seek a second or third opinion. By looking for an opinion from your family members or colleagues who may have different ideas or perspective in choosing a DUI lawyer, and that can help make sure you pick the right lawyer for you. Some of your friends or family members may also have practical advice if they have ever experienced this problem before.

In the end, a DUI offense isn’t an everyday crime in DC. It needs to be dealt with properly by a skilled DUI attorney. Otherwise, you might find yourself in huge problems that could completely alter your lifestyle. Make sure to find a good DUI attorney in DC to represent you in your drunk driving legal case.