Civil Litigation Attorneys Can Resolve your Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Civil litigation is a field of law that focuses on resolving legal disputes between two or more parties. In civil litigation cases, there are no criminal sanctions and they are usually the result of a lack of well-written contracts, wills, deeds, and trusts. However, even when all the documentation is in place there is still room for disagreements and misinterpretation. In civil cases, parties seek financial compensation or specific performance to end further harm. The goal of a civil litigator is to represent their client provide assistance to throughout the process of filing and pursuing a lawsuit while advising their clients about every aspect of the case.

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Not all civil litigation cases go to trial, in most situations, the defendant and plaintiff come to an agreement and settle outside of court. If such an agreement is not possible, the case will go to trial, where a judge or jury will decide who should win the civil dispute. At this point a professional Civil litigation attorney is indispensable and will handle all phases of the legal process, including hearings, trials, pleadings, settlement, and appeal. Most common civil litigation fields include business disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate lawsuits, intellectual property disputes, product liability lawsuits, divorce and custody cases. It is important that individuals possess a certain set of expectations when contacting an attorney for representation. These expectations will influence the initial meeting with the lawyer as well as the overall direction of the case.

Representation of Landlords

If you have a tenant who has breached the terms of the lease, you should hire a civil litigator to assist you in filing a lawsuit. As a landlord, the protection of your income and property is of the vital importance. According to one civil litigation attorney in Rockville that we spoke to, a civil litigator can resolve landlord-tenant disputes through negotiations, recover damage and lost rent, construct a lease agreement, and pursue an eviction. Your civil litigator will evaluate your specific circumstances, and create a customized solution for your situation. No matter if you want to make sure you are properly protected in your lease agreement, or you want to hire a legal representative to assist with an existing landlord-tenant problem, a civil litigation attorney will protect your rights.

Representation of Tenants

If your landlord is refusing to make repairs, or you are facing eviction, a civil litigator can provide assistance in dealing with these problems. A landlord is legally obligated to make repairs when necessary, handle a security deposit, and to comply with specific conditions when attempting to terminate a lease. A civil litigation attorney can resolve your dispute, and prepare your case for trial, if necessary. As a tenant, your legal rights are to have running water, adequate plumbing, and properly functioning appliances. If a landlord fails to provide these things and ignores your requests to make repairs, you have every right to file a lawsuit.

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